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I have moved!


Youth Alive!

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Yay my church is having a youth evangelistic outreach event! And it’s the first time we’re combining with other churches to put up a united effort! So it’s really quite exciting. Unfortunately, the next few days should be quite busy with preparations and stuff. But if you’re free, please do contact me and then we can attend together haha..

Anyway, here’s the details:

date: 11-13 September 2009
time: 7pm
location: jurong sda church (6min walk from J.East mrt stn)
facebook link:

there’s this cool promotional video done by the Pastor who’s going to be speaking at the event.. check it out!

Star Trek

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I just watched Star Trek for the second time tonight, and I guess it’s one of my favourite movies so far. Of course, given my atrocious memory, it is very likely that it occupies this position purely due to its recency and prominence in memory. However, let’s not go there. I very much like the fact that the casting director managed to source out so many established personalities, and carve out fresh new characters for them. The movie also has a lot of characterisation, which I find lacking in many modern blockbusters. I mean, its not hard to add depth to a character; just a few seconds focusing on different characters’ faces or reactions to something they experience together will show their personalities quite well.

But I was quite amused by the cast list. To me, the most visible character was Sylar, from the series Heroes:


He took the role of Spock in Star Trek:


Heh. And then there’s the second most well-known character to me: Harold from Harold and Kumar


Harold’s the one on the left. He played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek:

sulu hikaru

Incidentally, the original actor who played Sulu in the TV series is George Takei, who also plays some dude in Heroes (I forget which exactly… the father of Hiro i think)

Then there’s Eric Bana aka. The Hulk


He played the troubled (emo) Romulan Nero (this was actually really hard to spot. I only realised when I saw Eric Bana’s name on the rolling credits):


And.. another big surprise. Winona Ryder!


She played *gasp* Spocks MOM!

spocks mum

Haha, and last but not least, is Eomer from LOTR:


He plays the Doctor McCoy:


What can I say? Finding out the actors was almost as fun as watching the movie itself! My favourite character though, is still the hyper Russian navigator Pavel Chekov. the part where he runs through the whole ship to beam Kirk and Sulu back up from the drilling device is hilarious!


Harcore Trekkies probably hate people like me who discover the franchise only after the 2009 movie, but oh well! I really liked it!

Okay then, back to school work!

this is why i can’t study

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are my notes really that comfortable?



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yay i went rollerblading at ECP after a really really long time. and guess what! i am still adequately able to blade! because not once in ECP did i fall. haha poor ziyao fell like 4 or 5 times, but mostly he deserved it la. haha! i mean, he would attempt stupid things like jumping while blading, or become extremely self-concious at the more populated and congested areas of the park. so, 活该!哈哈。过后呢,就和逸凡吃了午餐。at this quaint little shop around Arab street, called Coffee Nation. I tried their Tangy Chicken and it was GOOD. think deep fried crispy chicken (and this chicken is meaty and succulent, not your average skinny chicken fillet), topped with tangy spicy savoury sauce. mmmm.. ziyao tried the sausage set which was also quite good. when i bit into the sausage, it squirted with juices mmmHmm ahahaha okay sick. anw, here’s the photo i grabbed from ziyao. i  wish i could get the original from him!

i also repaired my own pair of blades at ECP. i changed the wheels to these awesome orange ones which were really exorbitantly priced. ($7/wheel! dies) the shop people even tried to get me to upgrade my wheel bearings bcos they said my current ones were really really slow. i was like ‘no way… i’m broke!!’ when i got home, i decided to give my refurbished blades a spin around the estate. pre-warned by the shop people, i gamely set off, and was horrified by the formidable speed i picked up. and as i coasted downhill i realised with some panic (actually quite alot of panic) that i still don’t know how to brake. and so i ended up falling spectacularly on my bum, with a grazed elbow to boot. how ironic! 2 hours in ECP with no accident, and i get injured 2 min after trying at my estate.  it must be retribution for laughing at ziyao hahahahah. and there were witnesses too D: paiseh paiseh

JUMP shot! it’s harder than it looks, srsly.


i am miffed!

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great! apparently i’ve missed the window period where i was supposed to declare my major. again. and if i read another officious sounding impersonal email from help desk or it personnel telling me “oh i’m so sorry but….” i am gonna punch myself or something equally stupid. ggrrrrarafkjajghkhhh!

yes, this is all my fault. once again i am stuck with no major.

cheong ah!

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a very rough sketch that i have done on and off over a few years. YEARS? yes, years! thats how slow i am! finally, after overcoming much procrastination, i’ve scanned it into my computer. however, this is far from the finished product. i’ll just put it here as a stark and offensive reminder to work on it more conscientiously.


back then, my friend was working on a written story, where 5 of us are transported to an alternate dimension where we (as 5 students) suddenly gain lots of spangly new skills like martial arts and uber weapons and colourful histories (ya i noe, COOLRITE!). one of them’s supposed to be a blind marksman, and another’s supposed to be a swordsman from like the black lagoon or something. i forget the details. guess which one’s supposed to be me? hah.

notice that i took a lot, A LOT of artistic liberty! hah, we’re supposed to be students and only 2 of them look passable enough as students. one looks like a mafia hitman, one like some holy champion of the pope and one just looks like an ahbeng tossing a basketball. pengz

the proportions and the pacing are SO off.

i’ll have to rearrange and resize some portions.

there’s so much more to improve.

i’ll work on it – tomorrow. hah.