recently we went to beijing, capitol of china. its interesting to note the similarities and differences between them and us. for example:

* they stand wherever they like on escalators, just like us
* they also have a huge new terminal 3, recently completed
* however, they are left-hand drivers
* its free for all and every man for himself at zebra crossings
* they are actually very helpful if you open your mouth and ask for directions

they had a crazy amount of building projects going up simultaneously. this building had an interesting shape. a clover patch outside the hotel/apartment

a really really really cute!!!! doggy on the streets. very camera shy though. i was quite worried for it cos there were quite a few shops selling dog meat… ooops…

they had these ingenious food carts in their supermarkets for the families with toddlers. haha, they could ride under the cart in the little car and pretend they were racing. much better than the ones we have, rite!

it was also my first time taking a long distance train, and i enjoyed

the experience XD they really do love their uniforms over there. almost every kind of employee will have a uniform of some sort..

how could we leave out the 5 mascots for the beijing olympics? they were EVERYWHERE
the buildings there are pretty leet too, they have giant travelling text over the whole building! and technicolour displays, lazer beams and other cool stuff

the new airport terminal T3-C was pretty awesome. just look from the pics -its about the same size as our T3

incidentally, we flew there 2 days after the earthquake happened. china was still in shock but rallying all its resources to the affected areas. over our few days there, news reports came regularly on the relevant figures: deaths, injuries, homeless. the night before we flew back, they held a fundraiser gala, which stretched from around 8pm til midnight. there was one section where they invited singers up to the stage; – emil chau, ah niu, jj lin, nicholas tse, faye wong etc. and they were cleverly placed to represent the overseas chinese populations. haha jj lin thrashed the others man. nicholas went out of tune, as did faye wong. by the end of the night they had raised 1.5 billion RMB from various sources. they also shared this police woman’s story. she and her family stay in wenchuan, but when the earthquake occured, she was in another region working. the quake buried her house and killed her daughter and her 2 parents. from 12 may all the way to the 18th she worked without sleeping or properly resting to help other victims, all the while knowing her daughter and parents were dead. she finally fainted from exhaustion on the 18th. she was invited to the show, and still saluted proudly. i don’t think i’ll forget the sight of her saluting the audience.

at the airport waiting to board our flight, 3 minutes of silence was observed at 14:28, the exact time when the earthquake hit. the whole entire airport literally froze, as everyone stood and observed the silence. all the counter staff, shop keepers, coffee servers, people sitting, all just stood at 2.38pm. after that they played this really really really sad song..

on other matters, i was really quite happy as i fully utilised my flight time there and back by watching a grand total of 4 movies. even better, i liked all 4 movies i picked, and i cried at 2 T____T flying there i watched I am Legend and Sky of Love. returning, i watched The Bucket List and Juno. ha guess which movies made me cry @_@


3 Responses to “china”

  1. =(

    the whole of turkey freezes every year at the time of Ataturk’s death do you know? all cars stop too.

  2. i know!!! KOIZORA (translated to sky of love) made you cry, because it made me tear too TT

  3. lazyprince Says:

    oh granny, i didnt know that.. in china the cars just honk though, they don’t stop..
    hurhur after watching koizora i felt dam sad for the guy who’s like an ocean, who got dumped even though he reunited their family.. lol

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