cosplay – ulquiorra schiffer!!

i have a confession to make:

i have been reading Bleach manga (in Chinese!!) since sec3.

ever since book 2 or 3, i have had to wait agonisingly long for each subsequent book to come out. it was like this: one day, while browsing a computer games shop in amk central, i suddenly realised they had a tiny shelf of manga. and at that time, i totally did not know anything about manga.. i only had watched the occasional flame of recca, samurai x and fushigii yuugi on Axn (yes, they used to screen these anime on Axn..)

so i looked at this tiny little shelf of manga. and i just picked up a book at random. the blurb talked about a 15 year old high school student who could see spirits. they only had book 1 & 3 if i remb correctly.. the front cover art attracted me, so i just bought it on a whim! evidently, 我的眼光是很不错的!!!bleach has since become quite ubiquitous. sadly though, i haven’t kept up with the manga. i’m still stuck around book 20+, with funny espada politics. (another weird thing: because i read the manga in chinese, all the character names i know are chinese, like 黑崎一护 (ichigo) & 朽木百哉 (byakuya), so all the ‘english’ names i know now are from exchanging conversations with church friends who watch the anime or read scanlations. hahaha. i will persist doggedly in my manga-reading!!)

early books at some points made me cry (not in frustration but in empathy OK!!!) , but now its really mostly action action and more action. BANKAI!! (they actually use this unreadable character to show bankai in the manga: 卍解。 i was like “WHAT jie????” who knows how to read that symbol sia..)

oh well. bloodthirsty fans have to be catered to. back to the point of my blogging…. i found this really really really cool cosplay of Ulquiorra. i found it on this cosplay blog so visit it if, like me, you like to see GOOD cosplayy. (haha the owner of that blog has quite a critical eye, so only A* cosplay is posted. and i mean really really zai cosplay lol)

without further ado, may i present Ulquiorra Schiffer (brother of Claudia Schiffer… wahahaha)

isnt it dam proooooooo……. *zombie*

methinks he looks better than the original manga Ulquiorra…

ok time to dota XD


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  1. Thanks for linking my site!

    If you want, I’m considering moving to blogspot now and add all the photos I have from my blogs. You can find it at 🙂

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