true sight

i am usually lost in the present. the past fades to obscurity and the future remains a blank. but now, thanks to reminders from external sources, i have become acutely aware of projected proceedings for say, the coming few months. its like suddenly i can see my schedule clearly for weeks and weeks ahead and it is very frightening; very demoralising. haha i feel like screaming right now..

and my wisdom teeth are growing out. its driving me nuts!! and then hor, cos the teeth only come out like one quarter, they trap food.. so sometimes at the end of the day, before i sleep, i will brush my teeth, then these huge chunks of food from lunch and dinner will pop out and oh… it feels so great to remove them… but i worry that maybe i missed some here and there. so i try not to think about it.. oh well!! i will pray for peace and wisdom

will share a nice cosplay to end this on a nice note šŸ˜€

(its the ever-popular and ubiquitous [or seen everywhere] cloud strife from FF7! the game i abandoned at the second form of sephiroth cos he slaughtered my party over and over again. stupid one winged pegasus thing.. go back to jenova…. u…. evil……… horse. thing!! i got a gold chocobo though, i remember!)


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