i feel so terror! only done 2 exams so far but i alreayd in holiday mood! diediedie. some mroe i still have the time to go and rewatch 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 and level my priest till 70.. hahahahah im doomed. do-oo-oo-med. anyway, if anyone’s looking for new anime to watch, i reccomend “the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi”. ❤ and now i shall post screenshot of my 70 priest shes really pretty. and she’s wearing pants that look like the newest speedo fastskin suit thing.. hohoho. apparently it’s called sweltering pants. it does look quite hot to wear


hmm i did a small calculations.. if each episode takes 30 min, and i watched all 14, thats 7 hours i spent in the peak of my exams period, plus levelling a char from 67 to 70 within the same time frame. (which takes about 2-3 hrs per level?) hmm. theres a bit of room for improvment i tink!

why is it that i suddenly have insane urges to do absolutely time wasting stuff during exam periods? and why is it that i only blog when i have other things to do? and not when im rotting?? some of the questions i shall have to ponder on after my exams (but which i probably won’t get around to pondering)


❤ this series! ok back to trying to mug. a box to anyone who has already finished their exams! >: (


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