thanks, God

when i really stop and think about it, there’s just so many things that God has blessed me with, especially recently. and even when i am so complacent, lazy and disobedient, He still shows his love

Thank God that today, our visitations went safely and smoothly, even though things were unsure at first, and we accomplished all our stops. Thank God for all the new faces and the wacky fun ahaha.. Thank God for our youth being so spontaneous and welcoming.. Thank God for Brian popping up with an extra car just when we needed one, and everyone squeezing in the cars (wow a real miracle – a new record of 12 in the wish lol.. thank God everyone is so skinny).  and get well soon MH!!

Thank God for solving my ‘module crisis’, helping my appeal and effectively granting me with 2 very popular Political Science modules, virtually for free!

Thank God for Ahma’s health and happiness in the new year

Thank God for great parents, a dam nice house and a car to drive around hahahah…

thanks, God! ❤


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