heheh. i am sitting in my school library right now, blogging!! how disgusting, right? while other, more studious students are queuing up to book the limited computer slots, here i am, using a com to surf rubbish and blog! if they only knew..

anyway, i wanted to reccomend this awesome website to everyone: its http://www.klove.com and jeremy’s the one who introduced it to me. its an online streaming christian radio website! its really convenient to set up, and it plays lag free (at least for me now, sitting in my school library XD) christian hits. some of them are really really nice! so, if you’re running out of things to listen to, just try tuning in to positive, encouraging, k love! ❤ ❤ ❤

oh on other matters, its brothers’ and sisters’ day this saturday in church! its a day when the guys will collectively do something nice for the girls (can be anything from a gift to a dining experience) and vice versa. this year, just nice falling on Valentine’s day is just an added bonus! hehe anyone wanna come? 

going by the previous years, the girls have had a horrendous track record of doing nice things. haha i remember one year they actually conducted gruelling physical tests for the guys in the name of crowning them “strongest” or “most endurance”, while the guys did something extremely sweet and thoughtful. i think, if i remember correctly, that we made individualised felt dolls for each and every girl, along with a sumptuous food selection. (while they deep fried fries and hash browns and stuff lol.. so unhealthy) they better redeem themselves this time!


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