membership has its privileges

i feel so privileged today!!

usually right, when im in school, im on a constant lookout for new spots where i can spend my free periods: i.e. stone. so my typical requirements would be 1) needs to be air-conditioned 2) needs to be comfortable 3) preferably quiet 4) computer terminals would be a bonus. and today, i just found a new wonderful spot fulfilling all of the above: @ Biz Comlab! haha

which leads me to my next point. everyweek, i have accounting tutorial right besides the biz comlab, and i would watch all these busy-looking and professional-looking students shuttle in and out of the com lab very purposefully. typically, (as business students) they would be wearing power suits or something HAHA. so they had to tap their cards before the door would open, and me, waiting for class, was thinking “wow, off limits to me most probably”; me being from a different faculty and all..

but today, while wandering aimlessly through another free period, i happened to find myself outside the comlab and decided to try my luck. so i waited for the corridor to be empty (heheh) before i sneaked over and tapped my matric card at the reader. and after about one second, it beeped, the door thunked open, and the display read “Welcome”. Wow i felt like so powderful man.. i rule!! so i proudly stepped in, and found this excellent environment where i am currently blogging contentedly. HAHAHA

of course, after that i realised i actually *could be considered business student since im taking a 2nd major there. hence my post title: Membership DOES have its privileges hurhurhur

yeah so lesson of the day? just try your luck. sometimes you get lucky!


2 Responses to “membership has its privileges”

  1. ooOO accounting! i like! haha

  2. ahhaha im dying in ACC!!
    help me edwin..

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