i fed my printer barley water

yes. i fed my printer barley water.

why?? cos i left a hot cup of it to cool down ON THE PRINTER (what was i thinking??) and as expected, i knocked it down, straight into the paper slot. it was beautiful. this cascading flood of warm murky liquid that poured into the paper channel and dribbled out from the eject slots (and everywhere else)

so i disconnected the printer, dried it with a rag and placed a fan at top speed in front of it for a long long time. i think its dry now.

so i tried it out. now it masticates my documents. :<

it will drag the papers at a 10 degree angle, resulting in wonky slanted printouts and a torn corner. woe is me


4 Responses to “i fed my printer barley water”

  1. “and as expected”, you say. lol why am i not surprised…LOL so you lah andrew phuawawa!

  2. good description! i love it! get a new one la!

  3. HAHAAA! sounds like there was a waterfall 😛

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