c is for cookie

i am really the consummate consumer.. the other day i was at bugis junction, taking the underground route to the mrt, when i passed by the famous amos shop. my senses tingled and my heart started beating faster. could it be? famous amos at bugis??? oh those tiny precious little morsels of sweet bliss and joy!!! i decided then and there to get some cookies to EAT YUMYUM (of course i would share some with my family)!

so i walked up to the sales lady and declared: “WTB cookies!! 300g choc chip pecan plz kthx”

then she said, “y nawt upgradez to 400g? get 100g FrEeE!!”

i thought for half a second (i really didnt think at all), then said, “OK!!!!”

now that i reflect upon it, i realise i am quite a sucker for deals like this. anytime there’s like buy 3 get 1 free or when price per unit drops as you buy more (yay econs), i have an insane urge to buy buy buy. especially if its yummy comfort food like famous amos cookies. (i can finish a whole bag in one day)

and thats how i got my sore throat, which has persisted for 1 week so far. oh well, it was worth it!!


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