Black or White~

One of my favourite music videos! It begins with a rather hilarious sequence (with the notorious Home Alone kid, Macaulay Culkin), then transitions as MJ travels the world and participates in multi-cultural dances. I especially liked his one-on-one dance with the Indian lady in the middle of rushing traffic. Awesome! But what i really love about the video is the super smooth, super awesome face and body morphing sequence at the end of the clip. It used to, and actually, still boggles me as I watch the sumo dude morph into the lovely petite Tyra Banks (yes, Tyra Banks is in the video! epic win!!) into another lady into a mexican looking dude… and how did that Indian lady do her head bob thing (which i’m quite sure Shaun Ramdas can do too HAHA).. so COOL can just watch it over and over. so yeah. WATCH THE VIDEO! (there’s even a simpsons cameo, how much more awesomeness can you stuff in one MV??)


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