cheong ah!

a very rough sketch that i have done on and off over a few years. YEARS? yes, years! thats how slow i am! finally, after overcoming much procrastination, i’ve scanned it into my computer. however, this is far from the finished product. i’ll just put it here as a stark and offensive reminder to work on it more conscientiously.


back then, my friend was working on a written story, where 5 of us are transported to an alternate dimension where we (as 5 students) suddenly gain lots of spangly new skills like martial arts and uber weapons and colourful histories (ya i noe, COOLRITE!). one of them’s supposed to be a blind marksman, and another’s supposed to be a swordsman from like the black lagoon or something. i forget the details. guess which one’s supposed to be me? hah.

notice that i took a lot, A LOT of artistic liberty! hah, we’re supposed to be students and only 2 of them look passable enough as students. one looks like a mafia hitman, one like some holy champion of the pope and one just looks like an ahbeng tossing a basketball. pengz

the proportions and the pacing are SO off.

i’ll have to rearrange and resize some portions.

there’s so much more to improve.

i’ll work on it – tomorrow. hah.


3 Responses to “cheong ah!”

  1. hehe none of them look like students to me d:

  2. Hey there, the image towards the top of this website submit is packing a little bit weird in my opinion? I tried delivering a message nevertheless it bounced back again.

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