yay i went rollerblading at ECP after a really really long time. and guess what! i am still adequately able to blade! because not once in ECP did i fall. haha poor ziyao fell like 4 or 5 times, but mostly he deserved it la. haha! i mean, he would attempt stupid things like jumping while blading, or become extremely self-concious at the more populated and congested areas of the park. so, 活该!哈哈。过后呢,就和逸凡吃了午餐。at this quaint little shop around Arab street, called Coffee Nation. I tried their Tangy Chicken and it was GOOD. think deep fried crispy chicken (and this chicken is meaty and succulent, not your average skinny chicken fillet), topped with tangy spicy savoury sauce. mmmm.. ziyao tried the sausage set which was also quite good. when i bit into the sausage, it squirted with juices mmmHmm ahahaha okay sick. anw, here’s the photo i grabbed from ziyao. i  wish i could get the original from him!

i also repaired my own pair of blades at ECP. i changed the wheels to these awesome orange ones which were really exorbitantly priced. ($7/wheel! dies) the shop people even tried to get me to upgrade my wheel bearings bcos they said my current ones were really really slow. i was like ‘no way… i’m broke!!’ when i got home, i decided to give my refurbished blades a spin around the estate. pre-warned by the shop people, i gamely set off, and was horrified by the formidable speed i picked up. and as i coasted downhill i realised with some panic (actually quite alot of panic) that i still don’t know how to brake. and so i ended up falling spectacularly on my bum, with a grazed elbow to boot. how ironic! 2 hours in ECP with no accident, and i get injured 2 min after trying at my estate.  it must be retribution for laughing at ziyao hahahahah. and there were witnesses too D: paiseh paiseh

JUMP shot! it’s harder than it looks, srsly.



3 Responses to “yay”

  1. is that you andrew (phua) in the pic?

  2. WoW!!! I cannot jump on my skates, I’ll fall on my face (i tried)

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