Star Trek

I just watched Star Trek for the second time tonight, and I guess it’s one of my favourite movies so far. Of course, given my atrocious memory, it is very likely that it occupies this position purely due to its recency and prominence in memory. However, let’s not go there. I very much like the fact that the casting director managed to source out so many established personalities, and carve out fresh new characters for them. The movie also has a lot of characterisation, which I find lacking in many modern blockbusters. I mean, its not hard to add depth to a character; just a few seconds focusing on different characters’ faces or reactions to something they experience together will show their personalities quite well.

But I was quite amused by the cast list. To me, the most visible character was Sylar, from the series Heroes:


He took the role of Spock in Star Trek:


Heh. And then there’s the second most well-known character to me: Harold from Harold and Kumar


Harold’s the one on the left. He played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek:

sulu hikaru

Incidentally, the original actor who played Sulu in the TV series is George Takei, who also plays some dude in Heroes (I forget which exactly… the father of Hiro i think)

Then there’s Eric Bana aka. The Hulk


He played the troubled (emo) Romulan Nero (this was actually really hard to spot. I only realised when I saw Eric Bana’s name on the rolling credits):


And.. another big surprise. Winona Ryder!


She played *gasp* Spocks MOM!

spocks mum

Haha, and last but not least, is Eomer from LOTR:


He plays the Doctor McCoy:


What can I say? Finding out the actors was almost as fun as watching the movie itself! My favourite character though, is still the hyper Russian navigator Pavel Chekov. the part where he runs through the whole ship to beam Kirk and Sulu back up from the drilling device is hilarious!


Harcore Trekkies probably hate people like me who discover the franchise only after the 2009 movie, but oh well! I really liked it!

Okay then, back to school work!


7 Responses to “Star Trek”

  1. Chekhov was my favorite too! He was just wonderful, and so endearing. I was surprised by alot of the well known cast members as well, since Winona, for example, was a definite shock.

    Did you notice ‘Kumar’ and his one scene cameo? Kal Penn was totally in the background of a scene on the bridge. So funny!

    I just posted a blog on the summer movies that were so good but still disappointed me. Star Trek was my example of the one that did not disappoint at all, because it was just so well done. I cannot wait for sequels to come from this. My hubby and I are even Netflixing all of the old Star Trek films for nostalgia.

  2. ahaha star trek bored me!! 😛

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