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Youth Alive!

Posted in church on September 3, 2009 by phua

Yay my church is having a youth evangelistic outreach event! And it’s the first time we’re combining with other churches to put up a united effort! So it’s really quite exciting. Unfortunately, the next few days should be quite busy with preparations and stuff. But if you’re free, please do contact me and then we can attend together haha..

Anyway, here’s the details:

date: 11-13 September 2009
time: 7pm
location: jurong sda church (6min walk from J.East mrt stn)
facebook link:

there’s this cool promotional video done by the Pastor who’s going to be speaking at the event.. check it out!



Posted in church, life on April 25, 2009 by phua

okay so its one am on a friday night / sat morning and i can’t get to sleep. i’ve been trying for the last hour!! hmph. hate it when this happens.. there goes my beauty sleep argh..

well Mark Finley was awesome earlier tonight. and i think i can safely say that prayer does work! haha! minhui, jeremy, joash, pastor charlie, aunty pik yee and i joined the prayer group before the meetings began, at around 6pm, along with people from other churches around asia.. it was really intense, but kinda cool. so like, we knelt in a circle and joined hands, and pastor charlie said we would go three rounds, with each person praying consecutively for a) pastor mark finley, b) people who attend and c) the equipment for the meetings (haha can you tell i’ve been infected by my essays?). so we started, and there were about i think 13-15 of us in the circle.. so it took really long.. i think by the end of the 2nd round, it was half an hour! haha! i kept having to switch kneeling positions so my legs wouldn’t go numb, and halfway through the first round, my fingers were tingling lol! but it was way cool also cos we heard the other people praying in malay, thai, chinese and bahasa so it really felt like an international community praying together. and being in such an environment influences you, i think, bcos other people’s faith can be infectious. hAHa! yeah.. so that was physically taxing but spiritually nourishing =)

well, the mark finley evangelistic meetings will be happening nightly for 9 more nights! so if you’re interested, just head down to Concorde Hotel (near Dhoby Ghaut) at 7.30pm (level 3) any night for the next 9 days! and if u wanna join the powerful prayer groups, its at 6pm at Gallery 4 🙂 unfortunately, due to my exams starting on mon i probably won’t be able to come most nights. darn.. o well! having attended one night, i already feel quite blessed!

for more info, visit this linK:

ok!! back to trying to sleep! haha