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cheong ah!

Posted in drawings on July 16, 2009 by phua

a very rough sketch that i have done on and off over a few years. YEARS? yes, years! thats how slow i am! finally, after overcoming much procrastination, i’ve scanned it into my computer. however, this is far from the finished product. i’ll just put it here as a stark and offensive reminder to work on it more conscientiously.


back then, my friend was working on a written story, where 5 of us are transported to an alternate dimension where we (as 5 students) suddenly gain lots of spangly new skills like martial arts and uber weapons and colourful histories (ya i noe, COOLRITE!). one of them’s supposed to be a blind marksman, and another’s supposed to be a swordsman from like the black lagoon or something. i forget the details. guess which one’s supposed to be me? hah.

notice that i took a lot, A LOT of artistic liberty! hah, we’re supposed to be students and only 2 of them look passable enough as students. one looks like a mafia hitman, one like some holy champion of the pope and one just looks like an ahbeng tossing a basketball. pengz

the proportions and the pacing are SO off.

i’ll have to rearrange and resize some portions.

there’s so much more to improve.

i’ll work on it – tomorrow. hah.


hello again!

Posted in drawings on October 14, 2008 by phua

heh heh. i feel quite embaressed posting again, cos i have totally neglected my poor sad blog. thus, i shall choose the easiest blogging option and just upload a very dated work.. it is actually a WIP, or a Work-In-Progress, but sadly, I did the entire sketching in 2007, and haven’t touched it since. terrible, right!!!! sigh. hopefully, i’ll colour it one day. hehe maybe when i get myself a bamboo *drools*

anyway, it was supposed to be this emo person slitting his wrist. but some people said it looks like octopus, some said he looks like he’s using a fruit knife. grrr! anw i think my inspiration was the sangokushi taisen (三国故事大战) game in arcades.. i really like the artwork on some of the cards. yupp and i referenced using a girl slitting her wrist.

i hate my scanner!!! it sux!! always has these 2 stupid lines down the middle. oh well. looking at this work makes me quite depressed cos i don’t think i’ll ever produce such quality again. haha. sighs

boxed in

Posted in drawings with tags on May 6, 2008 by phua

sometimes you just feel so boxed in and claustrophobic
so it’s good to run away. once in a while.
which is called ponh-ing

my new tat

Posted in drawings, photos with tags on May 4, 2008 by phua

my new tattoo! awesome yeah?
okay, so i cheated and used my blood donation pen
i still think its nice


Posted in drawings with tags on May 1, 2008 by phua

an angel buttoning his pants