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i am miffed!

Posted in emo on July 24, 2009 by phua

great! apparently i’ve missed the window period where i was supposed to declare my major. again. and if i read another officious sounding impersonal email from help desk or it personnel telling me “oh i’m so sorry but….” i am gonna punch myself or something equally stupid. ggrrrrarafkjajghkhhh!

yes, this is all my fault. once again i am stuck with no major.



Posted in emo, life on March 25, 2009 by phua



mmm blood

Posted in emo, life on March 23, 2009 by phua

i always enjoy getting injured. like cuts or bruises or aches and pain. for example, after a jog or exercise i like it when my muscles feel sore the next day. and after NAPFA when my stomach will be so sore after the situps that it hurts to laugh, and i find it terribly ironic so i laugh more. i also like rubbing my bruises to see the colour change from black to purple to angry red and yellow. so cool! i like cuts and wounds because they will scab wonderfully and my skin will become a joyous terrain of dead tissue and clots. i like rubbing scabs XD. and i especially like falling sick because it happens really rarely. so when it does, i get it very terribly. then i will moan and whine and sleep like 20hours a day but i will enjoy every minute of it because i like how the world spins when i’m giddy and i like feeling invalid and green. HAHA and i like it when my mum feels my forehead and tells me to skip school and eat some panadol. wow that is like one of the best feelings in the world!!! perhaps i am a masochist, but i definitely wouldnt enjoy amputation or really serious injuries. i haven’t broken any bones yet but i think it will be quite an interesting experience. i have also never stayed overnight at a hospital which is why i sometimes wonder what it’ll be like. i imagine myself playing wow or dota with other hospitalised people =) do you like falling sick or getting injured?

i fed my printer barley water

Posted in emo, life on February 24, 2009 by phua

yes. i fed my printer barley water.

why?? cos i left a hot cup of it to cool down ON THE PRINTER (what was i thinking??) and as expected, i knocked it down, straight into the paper slot. it was beautiful. this cascading flood of warm murky liquid that poured into the paper channel and dribbled out from the eject slots (and everywhere else)

so i disconnected the printer, dried it with a rag and placed a fan at top speed in front of it for a long long time. i think its dry now.

so i tried it out. now it masticates my documents. :<

it will drag the papers at a 10 degree angle, resulting in wonky slanted printouts and a torn corner. woe is me