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little tub of joy

Posted in food, games, life on May 12, 2009 by phua

i’m cradling my little tub of joy. it has a sticker which reads: ‘island creamery’. i think it should read ‘ambrosia’ instead =) one pint of cookies and cream ice cream. to be slowly devoured over the next few days. hehehehehe. wheee. and i got my mum a slice of mudpie for mother’s day (i know its little, but usually i don’t get her anything at ALL, so this is an infinite improvement, no?) haha. of course i shared it with her! all girls share desserts i think. cos they’re worried about fats =P


(photo from the Island Creamery facebook page. it’s a slice of mudpie!)

on a separate note, i did a Naxxramas 25 run with a PUG group. I was the only priest there. So…… i won about 8 pieces of epic gear. how’s that for productivity?? Hehehe, other people run the whole raid just aiming for one piece, and i get 8. The best part is, I won about 10 fair and square by rolling. but the raid leader called me a greedy (GREEDY???) pig so i had to share my loot with the rest. oh well. but somehow, i didn’t derive as much joy as winning my very first epic item. ah.. that was a good feeling, constantly switching on my inventory page and glossing over the shiny purple item, admiring its stats. or maybe taking it off and switching it with the old gear to get a feel as to how lousy you were before you got it. returning to the exact spot where the item landed… ok maybe that’s a bit much. HAHA now though, i’m slightly more jaded. maybe my happiness is divided by 8 for each piece i won. or maybe i really am a greedy pig and won too much, so i can’t enjoy each individual piece. among one of the new pieces is one called “Cowl of Innocent Delight” doesn’t it sound absolutely terrifying?? (it fits on my head, btw). HOW am i going to strike mortal FEAR in my enemies while wearing a hood that’s called “Innocent Delight (tee hee)”??? Grr. sounds like something barbie would wear. AAaand it’s purple.

oh wells, sorry for rambling, this FRIDAY people will be coming over to my house. more specifically, the youth leaders! yay! can’t wait. and dinner on sat was great, got to finally meet up with many classmates after such a loooooong time. not to mention, the food was awesome! haha! a bit too much sodium intake though. ok drink more water!



Posted in food on April 20, 2009 by phua


a sight for sore eyes

Posted in food, life, photos with tags on November 4, 2008 by phua

i almost couldn’t believe it when i saw it. a rare sighting of a double decker 151. during morning peak hour. hahaha only ngee ann poly, sim and nus students will understand how i feel !!!dsc01232

another sight i love to see:


haha i love seeing all those power tiles


and presenting: the Yankee Burger from New York New York. it costs about $40 with gst and service charge but the catch is: if you can finish the whole plate by yourself, it’s free. hahaha! dev’s hand is there for easy reference so you can gauge your likelihood of completion.. i think it’s just nice for 2 guys to share D: (or 4 girls, lol!) yum yum. each quarter of the burger is like a normal fast food burger HAHA wooo. plus the mountain of fries!!! oh… drools…


Posted in food with tags on June 4, 2008 by phua

chicken cutlet: S$2.20

is this heaven?

Posted in food with tags on May 14, 2008 by phua

i think i have discovered heaven on earth
and it is nestled somewhere in shaw tower, orchard
there, bountiful baskets of steaming hot gai mei paos and 凤爪 jostle for space beside divine creations such as egg tarts, tender beef belly slices and 牛肉肠粉.
each of them screamed “eat me!” “try me!”
“feast upon my tender juicy flesh!”

how could i refuse?

my only regret: that i didnt properly document my subjects before devouring them.

above left: chinese french fries.
above right: egg tarts