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well well

Posted in games, life on June 18, 2009 by phua

so my Singapore Politics exam is tomorrow. expectedly, i have decided to blog.. how irrational. anyway, some updates!!

1) its the holidays!!!
2) i’m slacking!!
3) mum bought me a new watch and its supercool
4) started a new priest, a blood elf one, this time
5) my phone has been giving some problems. some days i just will not receive any sms’es or calls, but when i make an outgoing call or sms, a sudden influx of sms’es and notifications for missed calls flood in. it’s quite scary.. and i’m sorry to people i’ve dao-ed. like ws hahaha. arranged to lend him a volleyball but completely forgot about it, and in the end he had to contact my sister to get the ball himself.. so now i keep periodically calling home and then hanging up, to “refresh” my phone. (but of course, more often than not, i forget) maybe its time for.. a new phone!!

hmmm! looking forward to tomorrow 11am =) and one funny incident that happened: our youth went out to play Dota at a lan cafe. so there was quite a disparate distribution of skilled and newbie players, so we decided to give the girls “immunity” (i.e. we would TRY not to kill them hahaha) so when the game started, i typed to everyone in the game “k bernice & kaylin get immunity k?”

to which bernice then turns to leroy and asks, “where do i buy immunity?”

hehehe ok you may not get it but nvm. back to mugging. guess what! i might actually finish reading a whole course pack this time round!!


Here’s a screenshot of my new priest. His name’s Nathanael. Quite a priestly name, don’t you think? And he’s almost as shuai as me, too! Hahaha…


little tub of joy

Posted in food, games, life on May 12, 2009 by phua

i’m cradling my little tub of joy. it has a sticker which reads: ‘island creamery’. i think it should read ‘ambrosia’ instead =) one pint of cookies and cream ice cream. to be slowly devoured over the next few days. hehehehehe. wheee. and i got my mum a slice of mudpie for mother’s day (i know its little, but usually i don’t get her anything at ALL, so this is an infinite improvement, no?) haha. of course i shared it with her! all girls share desserts i think. cos they’re worried about fats =P


(photo from the Island Creamery facebook page. it’s a slice of mudpie!)

on a separate note, i did a Naxxramas 25 run with a PUG group. I was the only priest there. So…… i won about 8 pieces of epic gear. how’s that for productivity?? Hehehe, other people run the whole raid just aiming for one piece, and i get 8. The best part is, I won about 10 fair and square by rolling. but the raid leader called me a greedy (GREEDY???) pig so i had to share my loot with the rest. oh well. but somehow, i didn’t derive as much joy as winning my very first epic item. ah.. that was a good feeling, constantly switching on my inventory page and glossing over the shiny purple item, admiring its stats. or maybe taking it off and switching it with the old gear to get a feel as to how lousy you were before you got it. returning to the exact spot where the item landed… ok maybe that’s a bit much. HAHA now though, i’m slightly more jaded. maybe my happiness is divided by 8 for each piece i won. or maybe i really am a greedy pig and won too much, so i can’t enjoy each individual piece. among one of the new pieces is one called “Cowl of Innocent Delight” doesn’t it sound absolutely terrifying?? (it fits on my head, btw). HOW am i going to strike mortal FEAR in my enemies while wearing a hood that’s called “Innocent Delight (tee hee)”??? Grr. sounds like something barbie would wear. AAaand it’s purple.

oh wells, sorry for rambling, this FRIDAY people will be coming over to my house. more specifically, the youth leaders! yay! can’t wait. and dinner on sat was great, got to finally meet up with many classmates after such a loooooong time. not to mention, the food was awesome! haha! a bit too much sodium intake though. ok drink more water!


Posted in games on March 16, 2009 by phua

haha! i’m finally level 80 in world of warcraft! (which is the max level, btw)level80

yay!! congratulations fatfish!!

lionel also sponsored me a pet bird which i can fly around the world on:wowscrnshot_030209_114016

so cute right?? but now i owe him 6200 in game gold :<

and…. i got a new mace and book!! so now i look like the statue of liberty!!!statueofliberty

and something funny happened the other day. lionel was bringing me to go slaughter other players in their home cities, but halfway through, i disconnected! and in fact, i had run out of prepaid gaming time haha!! so effectively, i was stuck offline in an enemy city. the next time i logged in i would be dead meat! oh well!!

merry christmas noobies!

Posted in games, life on December 25, 2008 by phua

hey everyone!! merry christmas!!christmas

new wordpress

Posted in games, life with tags on December 15, 2008 by phua

wow the new wordpress interface is sexy. like seriously

anyway, i grabbed this personality test off pk’s blog cos im really an egotistical person who loves to hear more about himself. and i found that im a… INFP! sounds incomprehensible, but im really happy cos i think its the best personality there is. like totally. if everyone on earth was an INFP the world would be peaceful and lovely. except it would be like, really dirty. but who cares! world peace > cleanliness any time man hahahaha. ok im just joking. i think. edwin i hope u read this cos if you do, im tagging YOU! which means umm, you gotta do it and post on ur blog k! if not i’ll be very sad hahahaha

just came back from a VCF camp in cameron highlands. i realised it was my first time crossing the causeway independently (as in, taking public transport) and it was pretty fun. but nasty also. i think its even  faster than driving your own car! the camp was really intense. God gave me some answers to some questions i had, so im really thankful; and cameron highlands is officially strawberry land!! the cameron highlanders are obsessed with it. like every few cars will be stuffed with strawberry plush toys dam cute la! and the weather was so nice! i could wear the same outfit for like 3 days. haha.

but food was quite sad. there were 130 people at the camp, and the organisers said they catered for 144 people. but come meal time, all of us would be fighting for food. really tak cukup!! but since we were all nice christian saintly young people, we (or at least i) felt compelled to care and share, which resulted often in the Last Piece Syndrome, where everyone eyes the last morsel of food on the common plate hungrily but will refuse to take it. resulting in intense staring around the table. someone will eventually cave in to their stomach and take the piece and everyone will be hungry but relieved the uneasy conflict is over. but the best solution is when someone takes it and puts it on someone else’s plate. and again i think my personality is influencing my views on this situation heheh world peace!

fatfish0group 5 rocks! i wanna go jb again! and now for update on Fatfish, my sexy holy priestess!! you know you’ve been waiting for this! (don’t you think priest is like totally suitable for me, and furthermore so holy and all!)

she’s got a sexy new robe called umm… mending menders of mendacity or something like that! it doesnt matter! the point is, it makes my healing really epic! (and its not just me, party members have said so too!!).

(but i’ll ignore them when they say something like “your gear is crap for someone from prodigy”) (which actually happens quite often lol)

thanks to this new sexy robes, fatfish’s massively holy spells just got holier, and the robe also adds spell crit, which increases the chance that my unbearably holy spells will strike for double their holy goodness!!

with all my current clothes and equipment (or gear in geek), i have about +1000 holiness. ahahahah pretty imba rite!!

oh yeah! fatfish met the lich king recently too. or should i say, THE Lich King, who fused with Prince Arthas into the new personification of Evil. haha. i met him in the spirit realm then we had a nice chat. after that, he death gripped me and obliterated me with one hit. ahahahahah it was super cool! check out the before and after pix.

okie thats about all for now!! i can’t find the usb cable for my handphone so i can’t get any real life pix out. haha! for now, we shall live vicariously through the holy life of fatfish, my holy priestess.



Posted in anime, games, life on November 29, 2008 by phua

i feel so terror! only done 2 exams so far but i alreayd in holiday mood! diediedie. some mroe i still have the time to go and rewatch 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 and level my priest till 70.. hahahahah im doomed. do-oo-oo-med. anyway, if anyone’s looking for new anime to watch, i reccomend “the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi”. ❤ and now i shall post screenshot of my 70 priest shes really pretty. and she’s wearing pants that look like the newest speedo fastskin suit thing.. hohoho. apparently it’s called sweltering pants. it does look quite hot to wear


hmm i did a small calculations.. if each episode takes 30 min, and i watched all 14, thats 7 hours i spent in the peak of my exams period, plus levelling a char from 67 to 70 within the same time frame. (which takes about 2-3 hrs per level?) hmm. theres a bit of room for improvment i tink!

why is it that i suddenly have insane urges to do absolutely time wasting stuff during exam periods? and why is it that i only blog when i have other things to do? and not when im rotting?? some of the questions i shall have to ponder on after my exams (but which i probably won’t get around to pondering)


❤ this series! ok back to trying to mug. a box to anyone who has already finished their exams! >: (