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Posted in life on August 5, 2009 by phua

yay i went rollerblading at ECP after a really really long time. and guess what! i am still adequately able to blade! because not once in ECP did i fall. haha poor ziyao fell like 4 or 5 times, but mostly he deserved it la. haha! i mean, he would attempt stupid things like jumping while blading, or become extremely self-concious at the more populated and congested areas of the park. so, 活该!哈哈。过后呢,就和逸凡吃了午餐。at this quaint little shop around Arab street, called Coffee Nation. I tried their Tangy Chicken and it was GOOD. think deep fried crispy chicken (and this chicken is meaty and succulent, not your average skinny chicken fillet), topped with tangy spicy savoury sauce. mmmm.. ziyao tried the sausage set which was also quite good. when i bit into the sausage, it squirted with juices mmmHmm ahahaha okay sick. anw, here’s the photo i grabbed from ziyao. i  wish i could get the original from him!

i also repaired my own pair of blades at ECP. i changed the wheels to these awesome orange ones which were really exorbitantly priced. ($7/wheel! dies) the shop people even tried to get me to upgrade my wheel bearings bcos they said my current ones were really really slow. i was like ‘no way… i’m broke!!’ when i got home, i decided to give my refurbished blades a spin around the estate. pre-warned by the shop people, i gamely set off, and was horrified by the formidable speed i picked up. and as i coasted downhill i realised with some panic (actually quite alot of panic) that i still don’t know how to brake. and so i ended up falling spectacularly on my bum, with a grazed elbow to boot. how ironic! 2 hours in ECP with no accident, and i get injured 2 min after trying at my estate.  it must be retribution for laughing at ziyao hahahahah. and there were witnesses too D: paiseh paiseh

JUMP shot! it’s harder than it looks, srsly.



well well

Posted in games, life on June 18, 2009 by phua

so my Singapore Politics exam is tomorrow. expectedly, i have decided to blog.. how irrational. anyway, some updates!!

1) its the holidays!!!
2) i’m slacking!!
3) mum bought me a new watch and its supercool
4) started a new priest, a blood elf one, this time
5) my phone has been giving some problems. some days i just will not receive any sms’es or calls, but when i make an outgoing call or sms, a sudden influx of sms’es and notifications for missed calls flood in. it’s quite scary.. and i’m sorry to people i’ve dao-ed. like ws hahaha. arranged to lend him a volleyball but completely forgot about it, and in the end he had to contact my sister to get the ball himself.. so now i keep periodically calling home and then hanging up, to “refresh” my phone. (but of course, more often than not, i forget) maybe its time for.. a new phone!!

hmmm! looking forward to tomorrow 11am =) and one funny incident that happened: our youth went out to play Dota at a lan cafe. so there was quite a disparate distribution of skilled and newbie players, so we decided to give the girls “immunity” (i.e. we would TRY not to kill them hahaha) so when the game started, i typed to everyone in the game “k bernice & kaylin get immunity k?”

to which bernice then turns to leroy and asks, “where do i buy immunity?”

hehehe ok you may not get it but nvm. back to mugging. guess what! i might actually finish reading a whole course pack this time round!!


Here’s a screenshot of my new priest. His name’s Nathanael. Quite a priestly name, don’t you think? And he’s almost as shuai as me, too! Hahaha…

little tub of joy

Posted in food, games, life on May 12, 2009 by phua

i’m cradling my little tub of joy. it has a sticker which reads: ‘island creamery’. i think it should read ‘ambrosia’ instead =) one pint of cookies and cream ice cream. to be slowly devoured over the next few days. hehehehehe. wheee. and i got my mum a slice of mudpie for mother’s day (i know its little, but usually i don’t get her anything at ALL, so this is an infinite improvement, no?) haha. of course i shared it with her! all girls share desserts i think. cos they’re worried about fats =P


(photo from the Island Creamery facebook page. it’s a slice of mudpie!)

on a separate note, i did a Naxxramas 25 run with a PUG group. I was the only priest there. So…… i won about 8 pieces of epic gear. how’s that for productivity?? Hehehe, other people run the whole raid just aiming for one piece, and i get 8. The best part is, I won about 10 fair and square by rolling. but the raid leader called me a greedy (GREEDY???) pig so i had to share my loot with the rest. oh well. but somehow, i didn’t derive as much joy as winning my very first epic item. ah.. that was a good feeling, constantly switching on my inventory page and glossing over the shiny purple item, admiring its stats. or maybe taking it off and switching it with the old gear to get a feel as to how lousy you were before you got it. returning to the exact spot where the item landed… ok maybe that’s a bit much. HAHA now though, i’m slightly more jaded. maybe my happiness is divided by 8 for each piece i won. or maybe i really am a greedy pig and won too much, so i can’t enjoy each individual piece. among one of the new pieces is one called “Cowl of Innocent Delight” doesn’t it sound absolutely terrifying?? (it fits on my head, btw). HOW am i going to strike mortal FEAR in my enemies while wearing a hood that’s called “Innocent Delight (tee hee)”??? Grr. sounds like something barbie would wear. AAaand it’s purple.

oh wells, sorry for rambling, this FRIDAY people will be coming over to my house. more specifically, the youth leaders! yay! can’t wait. and dinner on sat was great, got to finally meet up with many classmates after such a loooooong time. not to mention, the food was awesome! haha! a bit too much sodium intake though. ok drink more water!


Posted in church, life on April 25, 2009 by phua

okay so its one am on a friday night / sat morning and i can’t get to sleep. i’ve been trying for the last hour!! hmph. hate it when this happens.. there goes my beauty sleep argh..

well Mark Finley was awesome earlier tonight. and i think i can safely say that prayer does work! haha! minhui, jeremy, joash, pastor charlie, aunty pik yee and i joined the prayer group before the meetings began, at around 6pm, along with people from other churches around asia.. it was really intense, but kinda cool. so like, we knelt in a circle and joined hands, and pastor charlie said we would go three rounds, with each person praying consecutively for a) pastor mark finley, b) people who attend and c) the equipment for the meetings (haha can you tell i’ve been infected by my essays?). so we started, and there were about i think 13-15 of us in the circle.. so it took really long.. i think by the end of the 2nd round, it was half an hour! haha! i kept having to switch kneeling positions so my legs wouldn’t go numb, and halfway through the first round, my fingers were tingling lol! but it was way cool also cos we heard the other people praying in malay, thai, chinese and bahasa so it really felt like an international community praying together. and being in such an environment influences you, i think, bcos other people’s faith can be infectious. hAHa! yeah.. so that was physically taxing but spiritually nourishing =)

well, the mark finley evangelistic meetings will be happening nightly for 9 more nights! so if you’re interested, just head down to Concorde Hotel (near Dhoby Ghaut) at 7.30pm (level 3) any night for the next 9 days! and if u wanna join the powerful prayer groups, its at 6pm at Gallery 4 🙂 unfortunately, due to my exams starting on mon i probably won’t be able to come most nights. darn.. o well! having attended one night, i already feel quite blessed!

for more info, visit this linK:

ok!! back to trying to sleep! haha

my CCA :D

Posted in life on April 5, 2009 by phua

so i just got rejected a place in the school dorm / hall / residence for actual semester stay for the third time. (not including appeals) i have now progressed through the 5 stages of grief and arrived at my present state of contemplative acceptance. initially i was in denial (this can’t be happening!!) then anger (why is this happening to me!!!) then depression (i suck boo hoo). not to mention when my friends staying in hall say there are empty rooms. but now, i feel kinda peacefully resigned to it. let it be… *sings

i guess its because i used to love the idea of staying in hall really much. i would imagine waking up whenever i wanted to, leaving my room as messy as i wanted to, making new friends and neighbours and generally having a place to call my own, not to mention the sweeeeet discount on travelling time. but now, this idealistic notion of hall life has been somewhat eroded by experience. i realised how much i really enjoy staying in my BIG house (:D) and other stuff la..

and separately, i guess the main reason why i haven’t been able to garner a spot in residence, was due to my lack of Cca points (i have a grand total of….. 8 points lol!). at first this made me really sad, like why i so loser. then when i actually think about it, i realise Jurong youth is my real CCa. (Tricia was the one who discovered this XD) and the thing is, its WAY better than any Cca could ever be. i mean, you invest time and effort just like for Cca, but its just different and so much more rewarding (dunno how to describe it!) 😀 really really just happy to be part of this awesome team and wonderful church. and i really feel that God is happy with me here

so when i think of this, i’m actually kind of happy that i’m rejected from hall, because it is a reflection of the path that i have chosen, and an affirmation that though there might be sacrifices to make, i think i’ve made the right choice. HAHA so much rambling from one rejection letter.

on a happier note, the chicken kimchi rice @ Togi’s [Chinatown] is superb. and so is the spicy ramen with rice cake OHH saliva dripping

my lost coin <3

Posted in life on March 29, 2009 by phua

you know how in Luke chapter 15 there is this parable about the woman who  lost one of her 10 coins? she searches frantically about her house, turning it inside-out, and when she finally finds it, she calls her friends over to celebrate?

i always thought she was a bit weird (calling a party to celebrate finding your coin lol?) but now i know how she felt! cos i was walking home from the bus stop after sentosa, when i saw this nice red bicycle. Hmm.. this nice bicycle looks familiar… then it hit me. it was my bike!!! i frantically searched my pockets for the keys to it, then realised i was wearing a different pair of pants. (/facepalm) and for the life of me, i couldnt remember WHEN i parked the bike there!!

so i walked home, had dinner, then searched frantically for the keys. at first, i couldn’t find them so i thought i’d have to resort to cutting or breaking the chain (ohnoes what if somebody thought i was a bike thief D:). when i found them at the bottom of my backpack, i was so happy i told my whole family hahahahaha.

so i walked happily back to the bus stop, unlocked my bike and rode home. so happy to be reunited with my lost bike! i think it was parked there for a week! so here i am doing the 21st century equivalent of what that woman did =) telling it on my blog hahaha..


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