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Battle Report #2

Posted in school on April 29, 2009 by phua

hehe. so i survived intro to international relations and i’m back to blog abt it!! (hmm isn’t it funny how i blog so much more during the exams period?) ANYWAY, i guess i could say the exam was like a semi-rotten banana, you know, the ones where you pick them up and they’re soft and squishy. then you peel back the skin and there are like 3 or 4 dark yellow patches where the fruit is really gooey… so you start eating it, and you try to avoid the soft areas, but soon you just say, ah heck it, and just eat the whole thing.. really quickyl…. lol. or at least, i do. so yeah.. i kinda rushed through the paper, and there was this section where you choose 5 short questions out of 7 (sort of identify and explain the terms). i knew most of them vaguely, but there were 2 i absolutely had not heard of, so my choices were pretty grim. oh well, and the MCQ section was really tricksy too :< so i just tikam tikam and rushed out of the exam early cos i couldn’t stand reading the paper over and over.. hahaa… man, quite ooc.. and like all semi rotten stuff you eat, you’re not sure whether you’ll get diarrhoea after that!! so i’m crossing my fingers for the results heheh..