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vectoring for dummies!

Posted in tutorials, vector with tags , , on June 22, 2008 by phua

hello! i honestly have no idea what to put on a blog. so i’ll teach everyone here how to do basic vectoring! firstly, what is a vector image? in my own words, its basically an image that can be resized to ANY size, yet still retain smooth edges. but officially, a vector image is… “Images produced using mathematically generated points, lines and shapes. In addition, vector file can be resized and manipulated without losing resolution.” source: HAHA ok. ,my definition is better rite???

actually rite, a lot of commercials use vectors. like the ipod commercials with dancing silhouettes: that’s a very classic vector “look”. and all those black vines that grow and creep across a screen? vector! (anyone seen teh high school musical on ice posters at busstops? the people are vectors!) many cartoons also use vectors, cos it looks very clean and neat. and vibrant!

OK! lets just say, you wanna create a simple object in vector form. It’s best to start with a photo as your background. i chose this photo of the youth leaders jumping, cos it is dynamic and action packed.

i want to create vectored people! so i select the “Pen” tool in say photoshop. then, i expand the image to like… 800% (okay this is quite exaggerated. but the point is, the larger your background image, the more detailed you can make your vector. you’ll see)

i am now going to make benedict into a vector. mwahaha. lets zoom in on his hand to begin.

woohoo! giant 800% hand. using the pen tool, we are going to map out the area of his hand. just keep clicking your mouse as you trace the outline of his hand, and the vector image will slowly take shape! like so:

okay. i know the red looks horrendous but bear with me. as you can see, i have partially mapped out his index finger and thumb area. each tiny little square on the perimeter, is actually a point where i clicked the mouse. the more points you have, the rounder, or more detailed you can make your vector. that’s why i expanded it to 800%! if i vectored at 100% i would get extremely rough blocky vectors, which, of course, cannot see the light of publication.

eventually, you can complete the outline of ben’s body! like so: (do note that to complete your vector, you must go all the way around the outline, then click back onto your very first point. then you’ll get a new object in photoshop)

ahaha a giant red man imprinted over ben in the photo! looking kind of weird at the moment, but don’t worry! once you zoom out, NO ONE will be able to see ANY mistakes. its the same with all art. especially like banners (actual painted cloth banners, not those animated rubbish) and stuff. hang it where people must stand far far to seee. then they will all say its dam nice cos they cant see the mistakes up close . mwahahah

i’ll continue with all the people. and i’ll make it black to save your eyesight for old age.

WAHHA dam super nice already la!!! especially the second girl from the right, i think her pose is awesome. her hair was pretty tricky (i had to expand to 1000% ++) but, the results are clearly mindblowing. wouldnt u agree?? of course u would hehehe

then to spice things up, i’m going to give them a new background, cos i think the city scape is too crowded. it’ll draw viewers eyes away from my excellent work, that is.

i found a very colourful sunset photo from google

however, i didnt want teh palm trees, and the serrated edges either. so i cut out the bottom left corner, then pasted it behind my people. (note* one trick in photoshop: you don’t actually need to delete the old background. just turn it invisible by unchecking the “eye” box beside the layer): take a looK:

both “Layer 1” and “Background” are invisible, cos they don’t have eyeballs beside them. ok lets combine my people with this psychadelic background

WOW you can clearly get high just by looking at this. add some finishing touches, and you’ll get a PROFESSIONAL LOOKING product, even though, like me, you only know the basics of vectoring. hahaha. experts will probably vomit blood if they see this.

tardarrrr!!! the completed thing. *applause*



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phone home...

the squid who phoned home.
vector art is fun, but it feels mechanical